Have you ever thought why Acne keeps coming back? Probably yes and no, most teenagers can only hate pimples it without knowing the cause. Without realize and proven there were some habits that cause acne without we realize, but it’s very important for teens to know – anything that can lead to the appearance of acne.

In other words you need to know what causes the appearance of acne on your face, knowing that the cause is the first step to prevent acne is present in your current skin. In fact anything that habit? Let’s see what habits can cause acne on the face.

1.      The use of Cosmetics that can cause acne + Irritation

You have to know if the use of cosmetics that you use currently can grow pimples on the face. How can that be? Because of the kosmetik tools can contain chemicals that are not necessarily suitable for your skin. Well if your skin can’t take it then the skin will automatically perform the rejection are reactive. Usually cosmetic products such as sunscreens and sunscreen can meyebabkan acne on your skin. Because of the kosmetik sometimes contain Lanolin that is oil that is good for the skin but unfortunately not all skin can take it. There are also containing Myristate namely chemicals that can make your skin greasy or can reduce the number of levels of oil dikulit. But unfortunately this can make Myristate pore pore clogged you would – and irritation. We suggest that you should also avoid cosmetic products containing parfume due to the womb parfume can cause blackheads on the face.


Without realize and proven there were some habits that cause acne without we realize, but it’s very important for teens to know – anything that can lead to the appearance of acne.



2.      Often face wash

If you wash your face twice a day is good for skin health. But if you’re doing the washing the face with it often, it can cause your facial skin is dry.

3.      Stress or Controversy

Today’s teens vulnerable exposed acne due to uncontrolled stress levels well. In addition they are also easily controversy let alone those who have boyfriends, they easily involve feelings and often controversy. Well here it is the cause of your acne, namely the controversy and uncontrolled stress. Then I suggest you avoid the stress and controversy if you want acne gone.

4.      Lazy Shampooing

Lazy shampooing can cause acne, especially if you have an oily scalp well this can cause pimples are popping up. Because of the oil that is in the head will flow into your face. The oil is mixed by the dust, dirt and bacteria. With this kind of thing pore pore facial – be blocked and you can guess the Red will appear on the skin of the face.

5.      Often stayed up late

The current teens often sleep at night or stay up. Then I suggest to avoid bad habits on this one. Because when you’re sleep-deprived then be exposed to stress easily. Moreover when you are less then the rest of the body will produce more of the hormone insulin than usual. Then that way you haruusnya have enough sleep time, so that the cells – cells can regenerate damaged skin when you get a good break. By eliminating the Customs bad on this one at least one month you will see changes in the skin significantly. Slowly – land of your skin will be bright and back to normal apart from that your acne will disappear.

The article about teenage bad habits that can cause acne. If you want acne gone so very soon I would suggest eliminating the bad habits. This article may bring benefits to you.

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