Had a lot of acne is certainly not tuberous in the view especially if the acne appears around the forehead. So it’s not surprising if someone who has acne will do a lot of things in order to eliminate acne. You have acne and want to remove it? But do not have enough budget for facial care? Then I give you powerful ways to remove acne quickly and well, how to use is to use natural materials as an acne exterminator medicine safely.

Say goodbye to acne that is currently resting on your face by reading tips to remove the acne I present below.

  1. Sea Salt

Salt is a natural cooking ingredients and you can use as a herbal remedy acne remover quickly and securely. To use sea salt as an ingredient in your acne bust enough sea salt using lukewarm water, thin brush with a cotton swab in skin rashes, let stand about 20 minutes, after which rinse with lukewarm water. This salt water is very potent to kill the bacteria causing the acne.

  1. Papaya

The papaya has a content that is good for the skin. But rarely knows if this papaya fruit can be used as an acne medication. To make the papaya mask is not difficult. First, you make the subtle mixture of papaya, then a fine brush on the rashes of the face and let it rest to dry little more than 10 minutes. If you feel that your skin is attracted to the dry start mask, you can rinse with lukewarm water. Do these tips the night before bedtime.

  1. Tomato

The fruit has a red base color other than use as a black dot medicinal cleaner can also be used to get rid of acne quickly and securely. How to use the tomato mask quite easily with a fine tomato to slice and stick it on the area of your face as the rashes. You can also soften the tomatoes with a blender and then use it as a facial mask with brushed all over your face. Do these tips with your routine at least once a week so that your face is completely free of acne problems.

  1. Honey

Honey also has great benefits for the well-being of the skin and body. Honey can be used as acne busting acne especially tenacious Rock. In addition to being used for the elimination of acne, you can also use honey as a stain or black spots on the face.

The trick is pretty easy, you can mix the honey and egg white with a rate of 1:1, stir overall, inimitable oles you have made to your face overall. Let stand 15 minutes to allow the masks you create perfect percolation in the layers of the skin.

Even with the only time this honey mask use, you will get many benefits at the same time one of these lightens the facial skin, preventing premature aging that occurs on the face because honey will replace dead cells and speed up the process of regeneration of the dead cells, honey can cleanse the skin, make your skin becomes supple instantly, obscure black spots around the nose.

In addition, you should also avoid bad habits can cause acne as a cosmetic use of excess, sleep less than 8 hours a day, too often look at the computer screen, wash the lazy face, often touch the skin From the face with dirty hands, do not clean the face on the day of the night. Although it tips you can apply to prevent and get rid of acne quickly and safely use natural herbal ingredients.


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